As is well known, one of the top-notched opportunities to research remains the United States of America (USA). Hundreds of overseas people who want to study abroad are also looking forward to studying in the USA. Before you can study as a student in the USA, though, you will first need to obtain the travel visa for America.

Research Visa for the USA is a big research prerequisite in America. This could be a bit difficult to get this research visa, too. You have nothing to think about because I'm going to instruct you on how to get the study visa for America, listing requirements and other checklists.
Until I head right to the USA student visa application process, I 'd like to explain quickly the sort of US student visa you should know about. It will make you aware of the precise sort of student visa that you need to apply for in the USA.

American Forms Research Visas
There are three ( 3 ) main US student visa forms and this includes,

F1 Student Visa: This type of visa is recommended for persons wishing to obtain a Bachelor's degreeGraduation or Master's Degree. In other words, for this form of USA study visa, both college / universities and high school students, that is, graduates and undergraduates can apply.
J-1 Work Visa: This is a non-immigrant visa granted by the United States to academic researchers , academics and foreign guests engaging in cultural exchange programs, in particular to receive medical or business training within the United States.

M-1 Student Visa: This form of US student visa is designed for technical or non-academic applicants who choose to study for career-focused purposes in the USA in a very short period. An example of that is undergoing medical school. So if you are interested in traveling abroad for educational or non-academic reasons, then I suggest you to apply for the research visa M1. It's a bit like a research visa for F1 so you can see the difference.
Now that you are aware of the various forms of study visas for America, the next question that will run through your minds that include how to apply for a study visa for America? What will I pay for obtaining a visa? Which are the conditions for a student visa in the US? Don't worry, I'll explain it in a couple of sentences.
It also needs a passport photograph. It will ultimately become a snapshot of the passport to be shown during the test.
When the above specifications are in place, then you can;
Register for organization authorised by SEVP. All this means is that the school that you are applying for is now accredited by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program of the United States governments. This is done so as to be recognized by professionals, employers, government ministries and businesses around the world as an accredited institution. If you have completed this phase you will continue to the next stage
You'll need to collect the Form 1-20 or Form DS-2019 from the school upon being accepted to the school of choosing. They are in various forms Forms 1-20 will be submitted. Although the Type DS-2019 will be submitted to persons coming under the J-1 exchange visa scheme. On the application, you'll find every important detail including your SEVIS ID, school address and other relevant program-related details.
Now that you have got your form, the next step you need to take is to go online to pay I-901 SEVIS bill. The size of the fee now depends on which form of student visa you 're looking for. The I-901 SEVIS application for candidates for research visas F1 and M1 goes for $200 and $180 for students transferring J-1. When you're doneAllow the invoice electronically, otherwise the authorization form will have to be printed out.
Before this, you must complete the Form DS-160 This is a non-immigrant visa requirement online. To fill out the form, you need the checklist below;
Your World Passport
Passport fire
Form 1-20 or Form DS-2019 (which depends on the sort of visa you first filled out in the form; note I've explained you on phase 2).
A resume or curriculum vitae, with some supplementary detail if appropriate. Fill out their official FAQ page for free.
When the above step is through, then print out the confirmation form, find the nearest US embassy and arrange the visa interview. You will make payment for applying for a visa following visa interview. It normally costs $160. Note that in certain countries, before the visa interview, you are required to pay the visa application fee, please contact your embassy and they advise you on what you can do.
During the interview, you must apply the original copy of Form 1-20 or Form DS-2019, the validation print out page of Form DS-160, the validation page of the I-901 SEVIS charge, the visa approval charge receipt, the international passport and also the passport photo.
You do the biometric identification and other associated safety tests after the interview
When you have met through of the above protocols, you will get the America st
You will be asked a number of questions during the interview period pertaining to your studies abroad, whether you want to travel abroad, and so on. Don't hesitate to tell them after your research time that you don't want to live in the states. However, you may need to apply for a US Job Visa after your training and you want to job in the USA.