International students , especially from Africa and Asia, typically choose to study with an simple visa for students in Canada. That is because Canada still holds the distinction of having one of the world's greatest universities. However, being eligible to study in Canada, it’s required you have a study permit for a start.

If the course or plan will not last more than 6 months, the research permit will not be issued. This situation applies to technical and similar programs, but if you think the program would run for longer than six months, then it is necessary to get the study permit.

The research permit goes a long way for you as a full-time student who is enrolled at an accredited university. Nevertheless, as part of the plan it allows you the right to work part-time on campus, as well as live-off campus and interns. You can even decide to stay in Canada as permanent resident and get a Job after you must have graduated.

To apply for a permit to study in Canada, simply access the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). When you've done this, the next step is the procedure and criteria for student visas to Canada.

A few important items

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Study Visa Procedure and Requirements in Canada : How to apply?
Now you have successfully received your research permit, which contains the procedures and conditions to acquire a student visa from Canada;

Letter of approval given in Canada by means of intuition. You must have enrolled in an approved educational provider in Canada at this stage and have obtained letter of entry. Once this is completed, you will progress to the next level.

\Next, you pay the registration fee and receive the bill certificate. It is another student visa requirement in Canada where you use to receive a student visa from Australia.

Buy the Pledge Investment Certificate (GIC), after that. It usually cost $10,000 for Canadians. This is a evidence of funds announcing that you will support your stay in Canada. On arrival in Canada, the applicant collects his first $2,000 CAD and then pays $8000 in 12 equivalent instalments as payment for each month. Remember to get your GIC proofs, as it is a visa requirement for students in Canada

Make sure you take medications from a Canadian government-approved medical practitioner. By visiting the CIC web site you can access a list (http:/ / pp-md / pp-list.aspx). You must receive a certificate after the drugs, which certifies you have gone through narcotics. This visa procedure for students in Canada will say you are in good health.

You need to apply for a Visa

Your valid passport and a photocopy of your biometric information are also required
You need a Family Information Form
It is also important to use the representation form (IMM 5476),
Even a proof of English skills test is required
Questionnaire for graduates, among other scholarly papers.

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If the above student visa requirements for Canada are valid, you can apply to study in Canada and get accepted for it. Should you face any problems during the processing of student visas in Canada, please let us know through the section on comments. Don't forget to recruit designated agent from ICCRC too. This is going to support you through the process